Race Training Program

Technical program for FIS racers/Masters and Ski Instructors


• Technique/Race Training

• Coaching for Individuals, teams, Ski Instructors and Ski Clubs

• Ski Specific Condition Training


Train with the best alongside FIS and European cup racers to introduce the element of competition during training and give a visual model to work towards. We are able to submit entries to local races. This gives our trainees a chance to race against some of the best. Our training programme is tailored to the individual, at the start of the course the trainer will discuss with their group what the goals are.


All our training includes ski Slalom and Giant Slalom technique, in and out of gates, line and speed through the gates, fitness (mental and physical) and pre-race day preparation leading up to race day.




Speed Test training Instructors who wish to work in Europe now need to take a speed test as part of their International ski teacher's qualification. This course provides training to enable the instructor to develop an understanding of racing and develop their own performance as racers.


For your maximum benefit we recommend a minimum one week course and a maximum two week course. We have found in the past that individual training can be so intense that even the keenest skiers need a break after 10 days.


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