Summer/Autumn Program 2019

We will be running the following clinic through the summer aimed at instructor development and individuals looking to gain some ideas to develop themselves. If you are working towards your technical part of your BASI exam Level 2 or 3 come and join us on the days below.


We will also be using video to give you a clear constructive feedback through the day on your personal skiing. Training that is designed to boost your skiing and confidence to your maximum potential!


All are welcome to join in - bring friends along - they are sure to gain from the days below!


MAXIMUM 8 PEOPLE per group


If you want to attend or want any more information on any of these day’s please email: or call on 07788 423 534 directly.

JUNE 2019

Thu 6th & Fri 7th:

Bumps/Mogul ski tip development days

Sat 8th:

Short turn ski tip development day


SEP 2019

Thu 5th & Fri 6th:

Bumps/Mogul ski tip development days

Sat 7th:

Short turn ski tip development day


10.30-17.30 (with lunch break and short breaks during the day)


Costs per person (training and lift pass all included)

one day @ £130

two days @ £240

three days @ £260

Day Program

Summer/Autumn 2019


Manchester - Chill Factore

Mobile UK:

+44 7788 423534


Program 2019

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I have now attended a few indoor ski and mogul training courses with different ski schools.  I found Toby very attentive and paid great attention to each of us no matter what level we were within the group. Toby used different ideas to teach us balance which are very effective.  I found most ski instructors are in a hurry to leave once the lesson is over, and don’t seem to care much how the clients have learned or how they feel on each step of the day. Toby however will ask us throughout the day and spent extra time to get us together after the lesson. This gesture allowed us to watch the final part of our day on video and receive first hand advice or ask questions.  This made everything a lot easier to understand while all memories are fresh.  If you are looking for a great ski course with a trainer that cares, then I would highly recommend Toby.


Jo Carden

Thank you for a brilliant day on the Moguls course at Chill Factore, Manchester last week. I really enjoyed it and found it hugely beneficial. I found your approach very easy to understand and appreciated being shown how to simplify what is often presented as a complex technique.


The main things I took away were:

  • keep my legs nice and soft
  • less is more, i.e. don't over exaggerate my stretching and absorbing artificially (old school!)
  • slow my descent down more (by turning my feet a bit more).


Skiing in a smaller group definitely helped and the people on the course were all really nice a good fun t ski with, with no pressure at all. Thanks too for the video which was fun to look back on;  all in all a great day.


I look forward to skiing with you again either indoors in UK or in the mountains.


Steve Deeble

Mobile UK: +44 7788 423534 |