See how I am using my joints ankles and knees as shock absorbers to absorb the pressure from under my feet/skis that is created when I am turning/change direction.


Balance is when you can move any part of our body, at any time, anyhow, anywhere, whenever you want to so as to maintain control over your change of direction in any type of snow and condition you are skiing in.


You may find to begin with, that keeping yourself centred and maintaining balance over your skis is not too hard as you change direction. The problems will start to as you become better and improve and venture out trying different types of slopes and snow types.


As you improve and become a more intermediate level of skier this issue becomes less important and technique and the way you ski play more of a role in improving and maintaining balance control.


In order to maintain balance you need to make constant movements and changes in your ski joints (ankles, knees and hips), so as to react to the changing terrain and different snow types on the mountain.



When the movements are co-ordinated, right amount of movement at the right time, you will maintain your balance and keep your body and hips over your feet as you steer into or out of a turn.  You will find that steering your skis becomes easier and more effective.


Whatever speed you are travelling at, slow or fast, your movements have to be coordinated with the speed you are travelling at, so as to be able to maintain centred balance control over your feet, to turn/change direction and steer your skis effectively.


The joints in your legs are used as shock absorbers to absorb the pressure from under your feet and skis that is created when you turn/change direction. Using your joints in this way is to your advantage and help you as you turn, keeping you in constant balance and with your hips over your feet.

See how my joints are working in my legs using them as shock absorbers to absorb the pressure from under my feet.Using my joints in this way is to my advantage and helps me as I turn. This keeps me in constant balance with my hips over my feet.

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