Factors affecting our balance

Sliding across the snow on your skis makes balancing harder because you are moving at speed on a narrow platform. As you slide forward and turn/change direction, small adjustments must be made to keep the hips and your centre of mass over the centre of support (your feet) to keep you in balance.


Any quick or big movements in your joints will throw you out of balance, as the centre of mass will no longer be in the ideal position over your feet.




The width of your base of support (or leg stance) influences your balance as well. You can change the size of your stance to create a wider or narrower base of support, helping you to adapt to different conditions and snow types and maintain good posture and balance.


How and where you hold your arms and hands is an important factor at all levels of skiing as they help to keep your balance while in motion. They stabilize your body and help you to correct and win back your balance over your skis and feet.  Arms and hands should be to the side, and forward in front of the body, acting like a balancing pole.

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