Optimal Speed

This is the speed where the turn/change of direction is at its easiest, movements are free, and you are in balance while in motion through the whole turn/change of direction. It is where you ski at the appropriate speed to achieve our goals at your own level. The optimal speed will change as you improve your balance, confidence and your all mountain experiences get better in different and varied snow conditions.


The shape of the turn/change of direction is important as well. This also influences our optimal speed through the turn/change of direction. Choosing the most effective line (sliding, gripping or carving) and shape for the speed, terrain type of snow and our ability is important, so you can ski at an optimal speed for our ability while staying in balance.

You make movements adjustments to stay in balance all the time. Try and use constant movements at the same speed at which you are moving down the hill at, and try to keep our body going moving forward with our feet to stay in balance over our feet, so that you can turn/change direction and steer our skis throughout the turn/change of direction at all times on the mountain.

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