Practice this activity and you will improve your balance, turning/changing direction, and steering. This will help you in all situations on the whole mountain.

Things that all skiers need

There are three main factors to focus on, balance, turning/changing direction, and steering. When lower level skiers start to ski the whole mountain they will come across varied snow types and conditions which will start to test and challenge them.


The challenge you may encounter with changing direction is a follow on result of your lack of balance control.  You will find that as you become a better skier and your balance improves, your confidence and speed will increase.

As you become braver and test yourself in more challenging conditions you may find that turning and steering become more difficult again.  It is important to introduce, at all levels of skiing, different activities in all types of conditions and types of snow, to improve, balance, turning/changing direction and steering, so as to progressively integrate these skills and develop your ability to ‘ski the mountain’ in harder and more testing conditions in future.

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