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Thanks to my clients for a great time on our skis, and for giving permission to share their reviews on my website.

Allie Sharp, 11th June 2019

Hi Toby, Thank you for a superb three days. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Needless to say I’ve really come on with my skiing. My weight is now correctly forward first time ever- I can blast through lumps and bumps with confidence. I can now get down a mogul field and for me keep going!!!! I’m getting better at short turns . I’m thinking of the next one . I’ve loved every minute. Thank you for all of you being patient with me. I know I can do this. Thank you all very much and I look forward to working with you all again. Take care, Allie

Sara Hadfield, 12th June 2019

Toby and Andy are both really excellent instructors/trainers and I have known a few! We were a mixed experience group yet I think we all came away with personal tips and strategies – we all had some one to one tuition which is so valuable…. not forgetting the excellent video feedback and a nice relaxed, cheerful vibe to the day. For me, I finally felt my skis carving and saw a couple of nice clean tracks behind me so I have something to build on. I came away with a big smile on my face, which for me is what it’s all about. Transfer that to ‘real’ mountains and I just can’t wait for more.”

Rosemary Beale, 20th June 2019

I booked a three day Develop Your Skiing course with Toby having seen him with a group in October 2018. His group made such amazing progress that when the dates were released for 2019 I booked on the course. Toby doesn’t just look at your technical skiing. He looks at the tactical, physical and psychological part of your skiing too. The whole group I was with made great progress. I definitely ended the course a much more rounded skier. I’ll be going on another Develop Your Skiing course.

Steve Howard,‎ 7th September 2019

Thank you for a fabulous three days in Manchester. A massive thank you to Toby, Andy and Brian, who were ably assisted by Billy. They helped to create a great team spirit and provided technical input, at an impressive venue, that facilitated an excellent learning and confidence building experience.

Toni Mcguinness‎, 7th September 2019

Thank you Toby and Andy at DYS for a brilliant bumps course this week at Chill Factore. Finally, consciously nearly competent! Looking forward to taking what I’ve learnt into the mountains and playing on real snow.

Dave Haines, 8th September 2019

Just a dead quick email to say ’thanks’ for your instruction over the past few days – it really has been a revelation! There was a ton of stuff to digest (which I still am!) and I have definitely left feeling like I’ve made huge jumps in my skills! I know I’ve said it before, but I’ve never had coaching at anywhere near that level of ability, so it was fantastic just to be there and just listen and do! Thanks again to you and the team and please do pass on my thanks to Andy, Billy and Brian too.

Cath Higgins, 21st September 2019

I feel I benefited from attending the 3 days and would highly recommend the course for anyone looking to gain confidence and improve all mountain ability. I feel more confident skiing and have lots of drills to practice which is good for me . This was the first time I had skied moguls and won’t be afraid although still a lot of room for improvement for me . The carrots were great fun, again this is the first time I have skied turns like this. It was unfortunate that there was another event on the Saturday but would attend again if the opportunity arises for me . Thanks once again. Cath Higgins

Dave Mortimer‎, ‎5th August 2016

Hi Toby, just wanted to say thanks for the help during the development day it was great…. need to work on completing suicide run…. Billy passed on advice about slowing down drills so will work away at that. All the best and look forward to seeing you next time!

Colin Brooks, 19th February 2020

Toby – you took Chrissie, Gaye and I for a ski lesson last Friday in Morzine … you ski’d us down to Les Gets and the surroundings. We all thoroughly enjoyed and learned technically from the session , which for me is a perfect combination. Chrissie and I are talking about heading back in 3/4 weeks time for a long weekend and I think that’s because we finished the holiday on a high and I think that is probably thanks to our session with you on Friday morning.

British Army 20th December 2020

Toby has supported the running of an annual Alpine ski training exercise in support of some 120 soldiers from the British Army, for 4 weeks on two occasions now. His role has been in support of the Chief Instructor (CI), instruct and coach skiers, develop training plans for groups and individuals as well as set race courses for training and competition. Also, he ably assisted the exercise by linking in with the Stubaital Glacier management team where required, to ensure the appropriate level of support was being provided to us.

Toby is an amiable and personable character who has been a pleasure to work with over the last 2 years. It was clear from our first meeting that his knowledge and experience was extensive, a view supported through recommendations from other local sources. His communication is positive and thoughtful, expert in both English and Austrian, treating everyone’s needs individually as well as working well at developing the team work and discipline. Responsible for providing training benefit from beginners to expert racers, he was always professional, polite and supportive.

Our CI has huge respect for Toby. The support he provided in all areas of the CI’s responsibilities allowed for concurrency of activity as well as depth to coaching skills and drills. When the training required courses being set, he delivered exactly what was asked, as well as being able to design relevant and suitable courses to get the best from his skiing groups. The Slalom and Giant-Slalom race courses set for use during the competition phase were excellent; truly demanding where they needed to be and enabling challenge across the spectrum of competence levels in attendance.

Toby has added real value in so many different elements of our ski training and race exercise. We have really enjoyed his company and been able to benefit from his array of experience in the variety of aspects within the Alpine environment. A true professional and so very versatile, he has increased our whole team’s experience on the hill.

Rich Woolgar 3rd August 2016

I really enjoyed the fresh approach to teaching and learning on our day course. We tried some fantastic drills and enjoyed some cohesive group learning delivered with a down to earth teaching style. Toby makes skiing what it should be, progressive, challenging but always fun. I’ll be booking again!

Kelly Poon 29th April 2015

I just wanted to say thank-you for a fantastic week’s training at Pitztal. Your coaching was excellent and I achieved a lot more than I was expecting, particularly off piste! You helped me develop my basic skills so that you could guide me safely through a range of more challenging conditions. I found the video analysis particularly useful and felt that by the end of the week I was more aware of how to improve my own skiing in the future. Having such great snow and a lovely hotel was an added bonus!

Jo Carden 1st August 2016

I have now attended a few indoor ski and mogul training courses with different ski schools. I found Toby very attentive and paid great attention to each of us no matter what level we were within the group. Toby used different ideas to teach us balance which are very effective. I found most ski instructors are in a hurry to leave once the lesson is over, and don’t seem to care much how the clients have learned or how they feel on each step of the day. Toby however will ask us throughout the day and spent extra time to get us together after the lesson. This gesture allowed us to watch the final part of our day on video and receive first hand advice or ask questions. This made everything a lot easier to understand while all memories are fresh. If you are looking for a great ski course with a trainer that cares, then I would highly recommend Toby.

Steve Deeble 29th October 2016

Thank you for a brilliant day on the Moguls course at Chill Factore, Manchester last week. I really enjoyed it and found it hugely beneficial. I found your approach very easy to understand and appreciated being shown how to simplify what is often presented as a complex technique.

The main things I took away were:

keep my legs nice and soft
less is more, i.e. don’t over exaggerate my stretching and absorbing artificially (old school!)
slow my descent down more (by turning my feet a bit more).
Skiing in a smaller group definitely helped and the people on the course were all really nice a good fun t ski with, with no pressure at all. Thanks too for the video which was fun to look back on; all in all a great day. I look forward to skiing with you again either indoors in UK or in the mountains.

Ian Copley 27th November 2016

Great 3 days in Hintertux. Focussed on the key issues, clarity of message and delivered with humour! Feel like I’ve improved significantly. As Arnie said: “I’ll be back!” Ian Copley

Siri Gasmann-Brott 16th July 2014

I have known Toby since winter 2013/2014 meeting him on the training slopes in Kühtai Tirol, with my daughter Rikke a member of the Norwegian National ski team. Rikke competes to European cup level. Since meeting Toby I and my daughter Rikke have had the privilege to experience Toby as a person and his excellent approach to training on the hill and communication skills which we have found inspirational and motivation. Toby has shown us a fresh new inspirational approach which in turn has brought Rikke on in her skiing technically and mentally taking her in a very positive direction for her future. 

Toby has shown excellent principals on the slopes in all situations, with very confident leadership. In the short time we have known Toby he has worked very hard for us. He takes a very high standard in is on slope work and his punctuality and organisation skills are un questionable.

In the short time I and my daughter have known Toby he continues to show his love for his work the love and passion he has for the sport of skiing and helping others in their development.  

I feel privileged to have meet Toby and I would like to say I feel confident where ever Toby goes what every he does he will inspire and motivate others,  I  would recommend Toby to any skier or organisation as a person and as an excellent trainer/coach.