Freeride backcountry touring camps


Having dual nationality, British and Austrian, and growing up in the Tyrol means my love of the mountains goes back to childhood.  From an early age I started building a vast experience and knowledge as an instructor/coach, ski mountain guide and professional skier. 

If you ask me what my favourite type of skiing is, my answer is steep, challenging off piste free riding, and the bigger the challenge the better it gets.  Put yourself out of your comfort zone and feel the exhilaration.  I still love to spend time skiing at Seefeld, which is one of the best kept secret places for freeriding (but remember it’s a secret so don’t tell anyone).


If you ask me “what’s your favourite thing about skiing and living in the mountains all your life?” then my answer is, I love to coach/teach and meet new people whatever their level of skiing. Helping people to have fun on a mountain and to be part of that experience is a real privilege.

An older instructor (Toni Seelos) once said to me, “why do we make everything so confusing for ourselves when we are just doing 3 things with our skis?”.  I asked him what he meant; his answer was “we go straight down, left and right.  And to do this we need to be well balanced, turn and steer our skis, so let’s just have fun and do it!”.  Over the years I have added a little bit more to this philosophy, but that simplicity is still at the core of my teaching. 

When skiing the mountain, you can turn any situation to your advantage or disadvantage. To turn the situation to your advantage you have to adapt your techniques and tactics to your own ability as well as the conditions and snow type. This is what makes good and effective skiers.

All mountain technique camps
Freeride backcountry touring camps


We offer an exciting approach towards skiing and PERSONAL/PRIVATE COACHING ONE TO ONE OR SMALL GROUP COACHING, catering for a wide spectrum of abilities and standards.

Our aim is to develop your understanding of the sport with my approach towards learning and using the whole mountain to give you an exciting approach towards skiing, personal/private coaching, small group and ski camps and wide spectrum of abilities and standards.  We aim to teach you how you can become more effective and adaptable for all types of terrain and snow on the whole mountain in all conditions.  Using the mountain giving you the appropriate activities/guidance and using the appropriate terrain, working together to get the best and most effective results out of you as the skier. In control is out of control and out of control is in control.

My success within the world of skiing has largely been based on striving for excellence by helping skiers no matter their level or standard is to develop their technical skills by understanding what they really need as opposed to what they think they want.  In particular this involves me understanding their personal objectives, individual styles of learning and focusing on outcome / success and away from barriers / difficulties.


In short – anyone!

Graham Bell once said “skis are designed by experts to do a job; it is just the person standing on them that stops the skis from doing that job”.  But you could argue that skiing hasn’t changed since the times of wooden skis and cable bindings. We still have to be in balance, turn, and steer our skis to turn/change direction while skiing.

Working in small groups or individually, and using personalised coaching, target building and consistent feedback, we aim to develop and improve your understanding, giving you a skill set and ideas you can take away to use for yourselves to enjoy the sport; with confidence you will progress towards your personal goals of skiing that steep, powder run or a challenge yourself in ways only ever dreamed of. 

Add to that, if like me, you want to mix all of the above with the fun of sliding down the hill and turning/changing direction anytime, anywhere, then Develop Your Skiing is for you!

Freeride backcountry touring camps
Personal private coaching one to one or small group coaching


While we would never turn anyone away and we love helping beginners to get to grips with the snow, the people who gain most from our teaching are at the intermediate, advanced, expert and elite  levels who want to develop further, especially if they are ski instructors working towards exams, international FIS racers and junior racers.